ZoomBubba news roundup: Sept. 12, 2017

So, Paris Hilton and some woman on ESPN set the Internet on fire with Twitter today. I guess the media is needing something to deal with Trump’s new startegy of largely shutting up.

In other Twitter news, we have a Senator who “likes” porn and in real news we have companies killing Indians in South America.

  1. That was public?: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) apparently likes porn. How do we know? Because his Twitterfeed told us so.
  2. Greed killings: It has been made public that at least 10 members of an un-contacted tribe living in the Amazon have been murdered by people working for a mining company.
  3. Monkey dough: A lawsuit by PETA on behalf of a monkey’s ownership has been dropped due to a settlement that has seen 25 percent of the famous “monkey selfie” earnings going to a monkey charity.
  4. Killer vaginas: A scientist is concerned that sex robots could be hacked and used to kill people.
  5. TV worth watching: South Park is back. Need I say more?

Have a good Tuesday and make sure to watch South Park tomorrow.

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