Dirt Day — Classic Alice in Chains album turns 25

I am declaring today “Dirt Day.”  (Maybe I should hashtag that into #DirtDay?)

Anyway, on this day 25 years ago (1992 if you suck at math), Alice in Chains released their second full-length studio album Dirt. While many people say now that it was the album that launched them into the mainstream, they seem to forget that 1990s Facelift had already been a great success with its hit song “Main in a Box.” That song was seemingly played nonstop on MTV’s Buzz Block, if anyone remembers that.

Anyway, pretty much anyone who bought the album will tell you there’s something special about it. Alice in Chains were one of the few bands which could record an entire album where none of the songs felt like filler. Each song from the opening “Them Bones” to the closer “Would?” were distinct. When you talked to someone who bought the album, there was no explaining which song you were talking about, they knew.

So anyway, all my regular posts are going by the wayside today. I’m dedicating today to Dirt.

Throughout the day I will be posting live performances and a couple of videos of songs from or wrote for the album on this website.

Pay extra attention to the harmonizing between Staley and Cantrell. Their vocals were the heart of Alice in Chains sound. Also, if you take anything else out of this, you should remember what a great and dedicated performer Staley was. He performed on stage with crutches for lord’s sake!

But, moving on, put on your flannel and enjoy the music.

To kick things off, we’re doing a live performance from 1993 of the first official sing off the album, “Them Bones.”

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