Album anniversary: Godflesh ‘Pure’

Because this blog didn’t start until May 2017, I didn’t get an opportunity to mark the 25th anniversary of Godflesh’s album Pure. With Oct. 13 marking 25.5 years since it’s release, I figured I would write a little something.

This was one of the first albums that I possessed that my friends found scary. The last track, “Pure II,” had them convinced that Godflesh were some sort of Satanists. To give you an idea of how well-received this album was, Metal Maniacs dubbed it “the heaviest album of the year.”

My personal favorite tracks were “Pure,” “Mothra,” “Baby Blue Eyes” and “Spite.”

Anyway, if you haven’t heard the album, all the songs are available on Youtube. If you really like it, though, I suggest you go to Amazon and buy it.

Speaking of Youtube, here’s the video for “Mothra,” which I don’t believe ever made it onto MTV in the U.S.

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