Tuesday tune at noon: The Electric Hellfire Club ‘Incubus’


Got a taste for music that’s both dark and danceable, with maybe a little “Hellfire” thrown in?

Then I got something suitable for you – today’s tune is from one of my favorite bands, The Electric Hellfire Club.

The Electric Hellfire Club was formed in 1991 by former My Life With the Thrill Kill Cult keyboardist Thomas Thorn. I was first introduced to them in a half-page advertisement in Alternative Press, billing them as a Satanic disco band. That description had me intrigued so I checked them out. I’ll have to tell you, they definitely weren’t disco.

The Electric Hellfire Club sort of straddled that line between industrial and dance music when the first started. As tine progressed, they adopted a more hard rock style, which culminated with their final album, as of date, Electronomicon.

“Incubus” is from their second album Kiss the Goat, the album in which they really hit their stride.

The Electric Hellfire Club is not for the faint hearted or easily offended. Thorn’s lyrics delve into his interests, which include Satanism, serial killers and general anti-religionism. But, really, the lyrics are secondary to the sound and The Electric Hellfire Club has always had a great one.


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