Midnight art: The 1972 movie ‘Frogs’

Do you think frogs are scary?

Well, the maker of the movie Frogs sure did.

We continue our eco-horror themed week at midnight art with a poster from Frogs.

This is one of those movies that I remember watching on cable. I’m not exactly sure when. All I know was it was on weekday and it was a noontime movie on the USA Network or TBS.

Anyway, Frogs is a pretty self explanatory title. The 1972 movie is about an upper-class U.S. Southern family who are victimized by several different animal species from the swamp. Aside from frogs, they’re attacked by a variety of swamp life, including snakes, birds and lizards, as well as the occasional butterfly. Of course, the creatures of the swamp may be justified in exacting revenge on the family because of its patriarch’s abuse of the local ecology. Spoiler: It doesn’t end well for him.

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