Midnight art: ‘Night of the Lepus’

midnight art night of the lepusEver hear of leporiphobia, or fear of rabbits?

Well, Night of the Lepus probably won’t lead to it, but you will find some good laughs in the absurdity of man-eating, giant rabbits.

Our art for tonight is the German poster for the movie, simply called Rabbits there.

Night of the Lepus is another movie in the eco-horror genre. It’s about giant carnivorous rabbits that feed on people. The rabbits came to be blood thirst giants after being tested with a serum that was supposed to cause birth defects and kill their offspring.

Why were they doing this?

Because the rabbit population exploded after the humans killed off all the coyotes.

The movie might be bad, but it at least uses logic … aside from the giant carnivorous bunny part.

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