How about we kick off the weekend with ‘Skinflowers’

Has there ever been an album that you wanted to buy but never got the chance?

T.V. Sky by the Young Gods is one of those albums for me.

Back in 1992, we didn’t have access to all these albums for free like many of younger folk do now. We had MTV and we had magazines, and MTV more often than not, didn’t offer a lot in the line of experimental or groundbreaking heavy metal acts.

So if you really wanted to explore the genre and lived miles from any sort of place that played live heavy music, you were pretty much limited to magazines.

My magazine of choice was Metal Maniacs.

It was back in 1992 that I read a review of T.V. Sky. A very positive one. But, unfortunately, I never saw the album cross my path when I went to music stores out of town or at one of the places I mail-ordered.

Eventually, I forgot about it. But sometimes, I look back at those old magazines. And, it was one of those sometimes I was reminded of the Young Gods.

So, without further adieu, lets kick off the weekend with the single from T.V. Sky “Skinflowers.”


Author: ZoomBubba

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