Midday Music Thursday: Egrets on Ergot ‘Sister Please’

So, I’m bringing you a little bit of new music today from Egrets On Ergot.

This song from Egrets on Ergot really caught my ear when it popped up on my Twitter feed. Yeah, Twitter sucks, but companies still insist on using it to premier new videos and music. So, if you choose to write about music online, it’s pretty much a requirement to monitor it.

I don’t know much about Egrets On Ergot except that they are a Los Angeles based post-punk, experimental band. Their sound definitely has rings of old-school goth music, from the time before it referred to Marilyn Manson and his spooky kids. It’s high energy while keeping that sort of fluid and echoish quality you find in goth music.

I also know they’re signed to Cleopatra Records, a label which I have largely had positive experiences with as far as the quality of purchases.

So, from their new album Surfeit of Gemütlich is the video for the song ‘Sister Please.’

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