2017 only beginning of Storm Trump

Trump has rebuilt America in his image.

As we enter the last month of 2017, I can’t help but feel like we may be entering the final days of America as we know it.

For 241 years, the U.S. has more or less been guided by interpretations of its constitution and staying within its framework, aside from that four-year-long civil war.

And why not?

It worked. We had checks and balances between our executive, legislative and judicial branches as well as a system that guided politicians toward a largely moderate middle (though usually right leaning, as with the majority of countries on earth).

But, with the election of Trump, it seems that all of that has fallen apart.

I usually try to avoid talking about politics in my writings, particularly taking a stance against or for someone. But, unfortunately, the current U.S. President has made that hard to do.

Trump, unlike past U.S. Presidents, either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care about the weight his office holds. While there have been many past presidents who have used their office to bully and intimidate political opponents, Trump goes beyond that with expanding his attacks on celebrities, but also using it to foster resentment in regular people against each other.

Worst of all, America’s place in the world has diminished. Sure, it has always been hypocritical with its leaders talking of human rights and democracy out of one side of their mouth and ordering bombs dropped and military coups with the other, but it has at least played its role as giving lip service to and often supporting democratic movements in the world. Now we have Trump, who says none of that matters.

Trump isn’t the next Hitler or Stalin. Unlike those dictators, he’s not surrounded by people who share a common goal, he’s not the the center that connects the spokes of a tire. Instead, he’s surrounded by baffoons who don’t understand the purpose of their offices, who seek to press the scale totally in the favor and people who tell him exactly what he wants to hear. He’s more akin to Nicolae Ceausescu, so full of his perceived greatness that he’d build monuments to himself, or José Eduardo dos Santos, willing to let his people starve while his family uses the government they control to gain personal wealth.

It’s fitting that his chosen international opponent is Kim Jong Un. In a way, Kim is what Trump wishes he could be. Trump desires to be a dictator who has statues built to honor him, who has his picture on every wall and hears nothing but praise for himself and perceived accomplishments because that’s all that is allowed.

But the reality of it is that Trump has in Kim about the only other international leader who engages in grade-school level name calling and pissing contests. Someone who, like him, is indifferent to the weight their words carry in regards to violence and potential destruction.

It’s a sad state of affairs and I’m just not sure we can survive it. Americans elected Trump, Republicans and Democrats bowed before him and world leaders suck up to him.

We still have more than three years left of his presidency, save him being removed from office or being claimed by the fact that he is old and obese, and I have serious doubts that he would concede if beaten in an election.

Why would he concede? He’s got a veritable army of armed citizens who’ve formed militias to fight for him. He’s got a Republican Party that is willing to sail the country down the river to protect him. He’s stacked the deck in his favor and is holding a gun to the head of the American people, daring them to do something about him.

But will they?

I doubt it.

Even now, he’s working to ensure that the military would keep him as commander-and-chief, whether he loses or not. If you listen to him, he’s promising them everything they could ask for in return for loyalty for him.

So, would they move to keep him in office if he is defeated?

I don’t know.

What I do think is likely is that when he refuses to step down, America will find itself in the grips of chaos that it hasn’t seen since the Civil War.

Can it survive it?

I don’t know.

What I do know is that the U.S. is controlled by a man so stupid that he’s unable to acknowledge his own shortcomings and so un-self-aware that he doesn’t care that his legacy will be a permanent embarrassment on whoever is descended from the American people.

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