Column: Why does the far right hate Sweden?

Whether it be claims of “no-go” area or Swedes laying down for “cultural genocide,” they are a favorite target of the far-right throughout the western world.

James Savage writes in Sweden’s The Local about this in a column titled “Why Farage and his friends are willing Sweden to fail.”

Sweden is the favourite poster child of the global far-right, of Breitbart, RT (Russia Today) and Trump acolyte Nigel Farage. But instead of fêting its successes, their job is to dismantle the picture of Sweden as a utopia. The far-right Gatestone Institute, frequently cited by these media, calls it a ‘failed state’.

Often these journalists just rip tidbits off the web, take them out of context and use them to portray Sweden as a place taken to the edge of the abyss by its liberal migration policy.

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