Wilentz: Trump’s anti-government mission has been successful

Sean Wilentz of Rolling Stone says the Trump has been effective at his mission of destroying the government. He contrasts Trump with Ronald Reagan, an anti-government President who didn’t destroy the country. It’s not a positive comparison. But, Trump has never ran on positivity, just fear, anger and scapegoating.

[Trump] sees no American mission in the world, only a brutal contest for domination in which the United States must be the winner through him alone. He describes America not as a shining city but as a carnage-filled jungle, beset by crime and drugs and overwhelmed by vicious illegal immigrants.

[Trump has] no discernible ideology, only a compulsion to demolish established policies and programs, above all, anything associated with Barack Obama.

[Trump] only cares about self-gratification and self-glorification. His towering ego is his only ideal. But his megalomania is about more than his narcissism – for his fortune and his family riches, and his criteria for powerful leadership, have long-standing links to organized crime.

Read the rest here: http://rol.st/2BzuNeX

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