Arkansas has an absurd love of guns

If you want a sign of how absurd the love of guns in America is, just look at Arkansas.

Arkansas is a state whose legislature and governor have approved laws to allow firearms to be taken on college campuses, churches, pubs and bars.

If that list were a jeopardy question it would be: Places where someone angry may blow their lid and shoot people.

Most of this is driven by money and fear created by the National Rifle Association. The NRA is a lobbying group that seeks to normalize firearms to the point where toddlers could bring them into pre-schools.

It’s absurd that people who have made it into high school haven’t been taught enough critical thinking skills not to fall for this nonsense. But, then again, we live in a society where we’re told that good guys with guns can stop bad guys with guns and that we need to take an AK-47 to a fistfight.

Anyway, in Arkansas, Democrats have found a way to maybe limit the damage of the bill:

In December, the Arkansas Legislative Council approved rules for the law which allows people with concealed carry licenses to take their guns onto college campuses as long as they complete enhanced carry training.

In the approved language of the rules, students could bring their handgun into a dorm as long as it’s kept within arm’s reach, but couldn’t store the gun.

The proposed language change to the law would prohibit the possession of a handgun in a dormitory. Currently, the law only prevents storage of a handgun inside a dorm room.

This is in response to Republicans and the NRA actually pushing to making it even easier when it comes to having firearms in a dormitory.

It’s crazy to me, because I remember the dorms being one of the most volatile places I’ve ever lived.

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