Las Vegas killer symbolizes Republicans’ America

A man, likely a white one by the videos, is shooting homeless people while they sleep on the streets in Las Vegas.

It’s troubling to think that someone is doing such a vile thing. They’re attacking some of society’s most helpless people. People who either had bad luck, bad addictions, mental illness or any number of other circumstances that led them to sleeping on the streets. Whoever is doing this knows these people are not high priorities for our society. They’re victims who people are a little bit slower to express outrage for, to hold law enforcement’s feet to the fire.

But, unfortunately, this is also a metaphor for America, especially under the Republican Party. The GOP represents social Darwinism in America. This ideology puts the financially successful on top and the poor on bottom. Their philosophy, embodied by Social Darwinist Priest Paul Ryan and President Donald Trump, is built around elevating the rich while demonizing the poor.

Don’t believe me? Look at Trump’s spending proposals, which call for putting an end to food stamps, or Ryan’s targeting of social safety nets.

Republicans pay lip service to “helping the poor” and treating people “equally.” But they never do anything to show it action wise. For them, forcing more taxes on the poor and cutting them on the rich is what they consider “making America great again.” It’s the poor in America who fill the prisons. It’s the poor in America forced to spend more and more for necessities due to sales taxes. It’s the poor who go without health care because what job they have doesn’t pay enough.

Now, a killer runs loose, killing the poorest people in Las Vegas, with little notice while Trump’s misspellings in his Tweets are the news of the day.

“Make America Great Again” indeed.

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