‘Thoughts and prayers’ don’t stop bullets

It’s almost 24 hours after shooter Nikolas Cruz killed 17 people at Parkland High School in Florida and the party in control of the U.S. government, has put nothing forward but “thoughts and prayers” along with their usual whining of “too soon” when it comes to people demanding something be done about guns flooding America.

The New York Times gave a very insightful list of these U.S. House and Senate members offering “thoughts and prayers.” All of them are Republicans and all of them have received in excess of $1 million from the National Rifle Association, America’s top gun lobbying group.

Guess what the NRA’s solution is: More guns.


The problem is that people believe them and they vote en masse for Republicans.

The NRA’s supposed logic is as follows: Put more guns out into the public so that more “good guys” will have something to fight the “bad guys” with. After 20-plus years of this nonsense line, there have been very, very few cases of an armed citizen stopping a mass shooting or similar incident. All that’s really happened is that the U.S. has been flooded with more guns that eventually work their way down to a criminal or the wind up being used by the purchaser themselves.

But this logic escapes Republicans and gun lovers.

They pretty much admit that their reason for wanting so many guns isn’t to stop mass shootings, but to rest the U.S. government itself. This is not a legitimate reason for gun ownership and it’s an outright dangerous one.

But, the thing about President Donald Trump is that he might be relying on all those angry, mostly white, men with guns to come out and keep him in power if he loses the election in 2020.

After all, Trump has shown no regard for human life or democracy.

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