Fur growing unfashionable at Milan

It’s fashion week in Milan, Italy, and all eyes are on the runways.

Well, maybe not all.

If there are two things that have been intertwined since their inception, it’s been fashion and fur.

But over the last few decades, sentiments have started changing.

Fur has gradually fallen out of favor over the decades, now limited to either lining winter coats in extreme climates or a fashion statement for the ultra-rich, who as they do with poor people, care nothing about the suffering of the animal as long as they get theirs.

Now, Animal Rights protesters are as numerous as models at the fashion event. Unlike the models, people not only the fashion world, but outside of it, are paying attention to them.

Several of the top designers have heard the protesters and public sentiment. High profile names like Tim Gunn, Michael Kors and Gucci are ending their use of fur.

Along with the development of in vitro meat, it looks like humanity is entering an age where animal products may soon not be necessary at all.

More animal news

In other animal-related entertainment news, Jumanji was praised by PETA at its Oscat awards. Jumanji, a jungle adventure, was praised for its use of only digitized animals in the movie. It reflects a growing trend of Hollywood and circuses steering away from using wild animals as entertainment. Other high praise went to Star Wars: The Last Jedi and War for the Planet of the Apes.

On the Island of Jersey, which is between Britain and France for those who don’t know geography, there is a push to ban shock collars on dogs. Activists say the only way to ensure the welfare of dogs in the Island was to ban the sale and use of electric shock collars and prong collars – which are used to punish animals by administering electric shocks or stabbing prongs into their necks.

On the other hand, a Virginia subcommittee chose not to advance a bill that would ban the tethering of dogs in extreme weather. If it were made law, it would ban people from tying up their dogs outside and leaving them when weather is either extremely cold or extremely hot.

But, we can end on a good note.

Despite the current situation in Palestine, an international animal rights conference is going to hold its meeting there.  It is hosted by the Palestinian Animal League and is called “Defending Palestine: Liberating the People, the Land, and Animals.” It will unite activists from throughout Palestine and around the world to introduce ideas, facilitate discussions and brainstorm solutions during these difficult times for the region.

Anyway, that’s the news I’ve chosen to highlight this week. Enjoy your Hump Day.

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