Wishing to tune out Trump’s Tweets

I always tell myself in the morning “don’t look at the news, you know it’s going to be about Trump Tweets.”

I seem to have trouble following those self-given orders.

I just cringe reading the Tweets by a U.S. President who is either trolling for affirmation from the Internet or whining like a petulant child about people he perceives to be his enemies.

If it weren’t for the fact that he conducts foreign policy and, apparently, White House operations from his Twitter account, all of it would get old fast.

I seriously want to ignore him, but it seems that society is dead-set against it.

He’s loathsome, the GOP is loathsome and conservative media is loathsome.

Not that Democrats, who I find to be wishy washy, and progressive pundits, who are irritating and self-righteous blowhards, are any worse, but they’re pretty unreadable and unlistenable as well.

I wish we could ignore them all. But in the age of reality TV, hashtags and flash-in-the-pan protests, it is like your attention is held hostage. If turning it off and dropping out were an option, I would take it. But, I have children whose futures I have to worry about.

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