Retro-review: ‘Sound of White Noise’ by Anthrax

Back in the early 1990s, Anthrax, a cover band with a few original songs here and there, decided to hire a new singer and release an album of all original songs. And man, it was a great album. One of the few that I can play in my head from start to end. That album, Sound of White Noise, was released 25 years ago today and … Continue reading Retro-review: ‘Sound of White Noise’ by Anthrax

Retro-review: ‘The Ethereal Mirror’ by Cathedral

“Well hey, what do you have say?/Well, I say we’re going to ride/So come on!” Those lines kick off and sum up Cathedral’s 1993 album The Ethereal Mirror, which will definitely take the listener on a ride through sound. It is one of many albums I took a chance on based on reviews I had read in a now-defunct magazine called Metal Maniacs. Some of … Continue reading Retro-review: ‘The Ethereal Mirror’ by Cathedral

Retro-review: ‘Spheres’ by Pestilence

When it comes to the sub-genre known as “technical death metal” you’ll hear fans throw out the same handful of names over and over. Those names are Atheist, Cynic, Gorguts and, of course, Death. You can call them, along with a few others, the top tier of that sub-genre. On the other tier, you have bands that managed to get small, but dedicated, fan bases … Continue reading Retro-review: ‘Spheres’ by Pestilence

Retro-review: ‘Dragline’ by Paw

Paw was one of those bands that should have broke through to the mainstream but never did. It’s hard to figure out why they didn’t, especially after one hears their 1993 album Dragline. The music on Dragline is not easy to classify. You could call it grunge or metal. Considering they’re from Lawrence, Kansas, you could maybe call them “Heartland Grunge.” Paw were in a … Continue reading Retro-review: ‘Dragline’ by Paw