Retro-review: ‘Obscura’ by Gorguts

In the world of rock music, there are albums and there are milestones. Obscura by Canada’s Gorguts is one of the latter. Released in 1998, Obscura may have not flipped the death metal world on its head, but it definitely showcased what could be done with a genre that had been in decline for half a decade, coinciding with the release of their 1993 album … Continue reading Retro-review: ‘Obscura’ by Gorguts

Retro-review: ‘Individual Thought Patterns’ by Death

If you’re a fan of death metal then you’re probably familiar with the band Death. Death’s founder and lead vocalist, Chuck Schuldiner, is credited as the “Father of Death Metal” with the entire genre taking the name of his band. It was Death’s 1987 album Scream Bloody Gore that’s credited with launching the genre and inspiring other musicians to adopt their own variation of the … Continue reading Retro-review: ‘Individual Thought Patterns’ by Death

Retro-review: Damn the Machine’s self-titled album

Back in the early 1990s, Megadeth was on fire. They may not have been quite the meteor that Metallica was, but they were definitely a respectable No. 2. So, when Chris Poland, who played guitars on Megadeth’s album Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying as well as its predecessor, Killing is My Business… And Business is Good, announced that he was going to release an album … Continue reading Retro-review: Damn the Machine’s self-titled album