Throwback Thursday: ‘Hollowman’ by Entombed

I know, I know, everybody does “Throwback Thursday.” But hey, it’s a great concept and what better way to start than with Entombed and their song “Hollowman.”

This is a video from their 1993 EP Hollowman. Later that year, their landmark album Wolverine Blues would come out. I’m not exactly sure why it came out so shortly before Wolverine Blues — maybe they wanted to give U.S. audiences a preview, maybe they just had good songs they couldn’t fit on that album — but I’m not complaining. I was a teenager with a job and I had two releases from an awesome band in a single year.

“Hollowman” introduced me to Entombed. Nicke Andersson’s clicks at the beginning, Uffe Cederlund and Alex Hellid’s dark guitar melodies, and Lars-Göran Petrov’s snarling vocals just grabbed me.

Anyway, check it out. “Hollowman” remains one of my favorite songs by the band and you’ll hear why:

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