Tuesday Tune at Noon: ‘The Leader’ by Musta Paraati

Today’s tune is from Finnish goth/punk group Musta Paraati. This is the video for their song “The Leader” from their upcoming album Black Parade.

Interestingly, this is the first album of new material since their 1984 album Käärmeet. Black Parade features all of the original members with the exception of vocalist Jore Vastelin who passed in 1993.

Musta Paraati had a very, very long hiatus. They disbanded in 1985, reformed for a little bit in 1987 before disbanding again, and then got back together, sans Vastelin, in 2015.

Anyway, Black Parade is coming out Oct. 19 on Cleopatra Records. That’s just in time for Halloween, a great time for gothic infused music.