Throwback Thursday: ‘Autumn Twilight’ by Cathedral

With the Autumnal Equinox falling on Saturday the days will grow shorter and the nights longer. So, what better way to greet the new season with “Autumn Twilight” by Cathedral.

“Autumn Twilight” is my favorite song off their 1992 EP Soul Sacrifice. This EP was released just months before their landmark album The Ethereal Mirror. Soul Sacrifice at only four songs leaves an impact on the listener and is very much an audio record of their transition from the slow, raw doom of Forest of Equilibrium to the 1970s-inspired stoner metal of The Ethereal Mirror.

I recommend all three of course.

“Autumn Twilight” stands out to me for many reasons. Probably the biggest reason, though, is the awesome dueling guitar solos of Adam Lehan and Garry Jennings. Built around it is a chorus that will send chills down your spin and a primary melody that will suck you in. To this day, it’s still my favorite song by the band.


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