Throwback Thursday: ‘Nailed to the Gun’ by Fight

Back in the early 1990s, Rob Halford quit Judas Priest and formed his own band. There was a lot of discussion and fanfare on what he was going to do.

Fight was what he did and they were introduced to the world at large with today’s featured song: “Nailed to the Gun.”

It was a good move, the song kicked ass and thousands of metal heads bought the album War of Words as soon as it was out. We also saw Halford essentially reinvent himself, turning from a 1970s-1980s era heavy metal leather-clad rocker to a 1990s thrasher, quite successfully. Of course, the leather made a comeback, with style, a few years later.

On the album were songs in the same ass-kicking vein of “Nailed to Gun.” Those songs included the opener “Into the Pit” and “Kill It.” Then there were some pretty memorable and groovy tracks like “Immortal Sin,” “Little Crazy,” the slow but heavy closer “Reality a New Beginning” as well as the weird hidden song, “Jesus Saves.”

Overall, it was a pretty enjoyable album, save for a couple of questionable tracks.

Anyway, here’s “Nailed to the Gun” which features the awesome harmonizing of Halford raspy voice and growler/bassist Jay Jay (who apparently doesn’t warrant a Wikipedia page of his own):

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