Throwback Thursday: ‘Gods of Second Chance’ by Metal Church

Today’s song is “Gods of Second Chance” by Metal Church. It’s from the 1993 album Hanging in the Balance.

Metal Church has always been one of those bands that’s been in the peripheral of the metal world. I don’t understand why they never quite broke through to the main stream like many of their contemporaries. I guess it could be because they’re hard to pigeonhole.


Because musically, they’re as heavy as many of their contemporaries like Metallica and Megadeth. They also have a sound that’s deeply rooted in the generation of metal bands to come before, like Judas Priest. Throw in some progressive vibes and a vocal style that had more akin with hair metal than thrash and you could see why some people were kind of confused.

Anyway you cut it though, they’re a great band worth checking out.

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