Female Friday: ‘Last Chance’ by A Lovely Day for Bloodshed

Don’t let the name of A Lovely Day for Bloodshed vocalist Brootal Bananas fool you, she has a monstrous voice that will squish your eardrums like you’re stomping on the yellow fruit.

Today is Friday and California-based A Lovely Day For Bloodshed is today’s all-woman band. I picked their song “Last Chance” for both its brutality and its creativity.

Aside from Bananas A Lovely Day for Bloodshed is drummer Ninja Nessa, guitarists Tiger and Lori, and bassist Genesis.

A Lovely Day for Bloodshed is no more, but they left some pretty brutal songs. It’s called deathcore, but it sounds like death metal to me. It’s too bad that they’re no longer around because I would’ve liked to see where they would’ve gone.

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