Tuesday Tune at Noon: ‘Dirty’ by Sevendust

Sevendust is one of those bands you can almost identify right away. I think a lot of that is due to vocalist Lajon Witherspoon and drummer Morgan Rose who both have sounds that are uniquely their own. The two men have been part of the band since its formation in 1994 and along with Clint Lowery, Vinnie Hornsby and John Connolly have kept their sound moving forward.

“Dirty” is a song off their 2018 album All I See is War their twelfth albumIt’s a strong song with a great solo, which seem to be severely lacking with a lot of metal nowadays. Check it out, the hallmarks that made Sevendust successful are all there. Great band. Don’t let the “alternative metal” label which some writers give them turn you off. Sevendust’s sound is all their own.

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