Tuesday Tune at Noon: ‘Hunt for White Christ’ by Unleashed

Yeah, I know, another lyric video. I’m not a fan of the format, but when you have a song like “The Hunt for White Christ” by Unleashed, you can make an exception.

I must’ve been really out of the loop, because the albums by old-school death metal bands are sounding awesome. “Sound” as in production wise. Unleashed’s sound is damn near perfect here, with deep and monstrous bass and full sounding guitars. The awesome production just adds fire to the ferocity to the sound that was there before.

If you’re not familiar with Unleashed, they’re considered one of the “Big Four” of Swedish death metal along with Entombed, Dismembered and Grave. They’ve been around a long time, just a few months shy of 30 years.

“The Hunt for White Christ” is the title track to the album, which is coming out Friday, Oct. 26.

Check it out:

Australian Amazon Shoppers, click here to purchase HUNT FOR WHITE CHRIST

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