Female Friday: ‘ Night Witches’ by Aella

Honestly, I’m not sure if “Night Witches” by Russian band Aella is actually the name of the song. I just copied and pasted “Ночные ведьмы – летчицам Великой Отечественной посвящается” into Google Translate and got “Night Witches-Dedicated to Pilots of the Great Patriotic War.”

“The Great Patriotic War” was the Soviet Union’s term to describe the conflict fought along the many fronts of the Eastern Front of World War II between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany and its allies.

Anyway, Aella is probably what I’d call “power metal” in the same vein of bands like Blind Guardian. I have no idea what they’re saying lyrically, but singer Tillen Avers sounds great. The rest of the rather large band is lead guitarist  Heli Anders, guitarist Olga Volodkina, keyboardist Maria Vasenkova,
bassist Natalya Pereverzeva and drummer Maria Andreva.

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