Female Friday: ‘Tontentanz’ by Aghast

Today we go back into the world of dark ambient music with Norway’s Aghast. It was a two-woman project comprised of Andrea Haugen, aka Nebelhexë, and Tanja Stene aka Nachthexe. “Tontentanz” is probably the oldest song featured on Female Friday so far, going back to 1995. It was featured on Aghast’s one, and only, album Hexerei im Zwielicht der Finsternis. Sometime around the release of the album, Haugen and … Continue reading Female Friday: ‘Tontentanz’ by Aghast

Throwback Thursday: ‘Never’ by Souls at Zero

Souls at Zero was pretty much Wrathchild America under a different name. The name change was apparently driven by the fact they were dropped from their label and that they were adopting a different sound. How different? I really don’t know. I never really had much of opportunity to listen to Wrathchild America before Souls at Zero. From what I hear, the biggest change is … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: ‘Never’ by Souls at Zero

Female Friday: ‘Élixir’ by Aenygmist

We’re back to the darker side of the metal spectrum this week with Quebec’s Aenygmist. Although they don’t hail from one of the Scandinavian countries, you’d be none the wiser as these Canadians fit right in. They’ve got the symphonic arrangements, the mix of shreiks and clean singing, and the Pagan angst that’s a must for any black metal band worth its salt. Aenygmist recorded … Continue reading Female Friday: ‘Élixir’ by Aenygmist