Female Friday: ‘Élixir’ by Aenygmist

We’re back to the darker side of the metal spectrum this week with Quebec’s Aenygmist.

Although they don’t hail from one of the Scandinavian countries, you’d be none the wiser as these Canadians fit right in. They’ve got the symphonic arrangements, the mix of shreiks and clean singing, and the Pagan angst that’s a must for any black metal band worth its salt.

Aenygmist recorded one album in 2010 called Creation Born of Trauma. Back then, the band was vocalist Vanessa Chevarie, guitarists Marie-Audrée Houle and Roxane Labonté, bassist Jessica Pion : and drummer Joannie Gagnon.

The band would unfortunately split up in 2012, but unlike many other bands we feature on Friday, they leave behind one album for those who discovered them a little too late.

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