Female Friday: ‘Tontentanz’ by Aghast

Today we go back into the world of dark ambient music with Norway’s Aghast. It was a two-woman project comprised of Andrea Haugen, aka Nebelhexë, and Tanja Stene aka Nachthexe.

“Tontentanz” is probably the oldest song featured on Female Friday so far, going back to 1995. It was featured on Aghast’s one, and only, album Hexerei im Zwielicht der Finsternis. Sometime around the release of the album, Haugen and Stene split.

Haugen would continue to work under the name Nebelhexë in her own darkwave project and has sung on albums by Cradle of Filth.

Anyway, “Tontentanz” is a pretty good track. It’s primarily a primitive, steady drum and wailing laughs throughout, bringing images of dark corridors or haunted houses to mind.

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