Tuesday Tune at Noon: ‘Empty Streets’ by In the Woods …

In the Woods … is described as a “psychedelic black metal band” on their Wikipedia entry. Whether I agree with that remains to be seen as they are new to me and I’ve only hear a handful of songs. So far, I’m not sure what separates “psychedelic black metal” from “black metal.”

“Empty Streets” is from their upcoming album Cease the Day, which will be released on Friday. It’s the fifth album by the Norwegian band, which was founded in 1992. They disbanded in 2000 but reformed in 2014, releasing an album titled Pure in 2016.

The band is led by singer/guitarist/keyboardist James Fogarty who is joined by drummer/percussionist Anders Kobro and guitarist Kåre André Sletteberg. Also credited are session players keyboardist Job ‘Phenex’ Bos, bassist Alex Weisbeek and guitarist Bernt Sørensen.

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