Female Friday: ‘Naturaleza Animal’ by Allison

“Naturaleza Animal” is a song by Chilean thrash band Allison. They’ve been around since 1998 and are still active despite their last recorded output, that I could find at least, was a 2010 EP titled “The End of the Fears.”

Their most current lineup is Maricela Bruna on vocals and guitar, Natalie Uribe on bass and Loreto Silva on drums and backing vocals.

“Naturaleza Animal” is a pretty good and heavy song. It’s more than a decade old and Allison probably has more songs available on Youtube. Unfortunately, they share the name Allison with another band, who seems to be more prominent as they turn up on top of the searches. It’s almost like the Chilean Allison band doesn’t exist. If they hadn’t had the name so long, I’d recommend a name change as to avoid this unfortunate situation.

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