Sepulchral Sunday: ‘Unfulfilled Promise’ by Astari Nite

Florida is probably best known as a land of sunshine, beaches, invasive species and gun-toting Republicans. It’s not the kind of environment where one would expect to incubate darkwave music, let alone have much of a darkwave scene.

But, it is the home of Astari Nite, the band who wrote the rather old-school goth sounding “Unfulfilled Promise.” It’s a pretty good song with all the trademarks of “goth” in there.

According to singer Mychael:

“Infatuation is a disease that takes over the mind and pulls on your heart strings and before you know it, you find it hard to breathe and collapse. It’s truly easy to determine beauty in everything we see. ‘Unfulfilled Promise’ tells a tale of obsession, a weekend’s worth of sadness and, most of all, the truth about love for one another. At least I like to think so.”​

Their album, Midnight Conversations, was produced by one of the large figures in the electronic music scene, Tom Shear of Assemblage 23.

Check it out:

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