Female Friday: ‘In My Hands’ by Amathyst

Amathyst were one of the bands that could be described as part of the Nu Metal scene that was big in the aughts. The Australian band shared many similarities to Linkin Park, particularly its use of two primary vocalists, with one handling the typical metal vocalist role and one handling the rapping vocals. Like most Nu Metal bands, they mixed a variety of metal influences with rap, producing a sound which the majority either love or hate.

Amathyst hasn’t existed since 2009. They had a good run though, having been formed in 2009 and lasting through the early days of social media when MySpace was king.

This is a video from 2006 for the song “In My Hands.” I’m not sure if it was on their 2008 EP Amathyst because my searches just keep on giving me results for “Amethyst,” so if you have better luck, let me know.

Anyway, drummer Reg is in another band now called From Love to Violence.

Check out “In My Hands”:

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