Sepulchral Sunday: ‘Barathrum’ by GPKism

When it comes to the big umbrella of what can be called “goth” music, Japan produces its own unique strain. Case and point, GPKism. The Japanese take on goth tends to keep the dark content, but combines it with faster beats and much more in the line of theatrics, sometimes giving you an almost overwhelming experience when all three come together.

Case and point, GPKism’s video for “Barathrum,” which is latin for “deep, dark hole.” The video is quite the thing to behold, with androgynous figures and quick cameras and odd angles. 

The GPK in GPKism stands for “Gothique Prince Ken” who works with Kiwamu of the Japanese band BLOOD on this project. 

“Barathrum” is from GPKism’s 2011 album Reliquia, which I believe is on Starwave Records. 

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