Four Songs: IDVex of 1/2 Southern North

“Four Songs” is a weekly feature in which a member of a band is asked “what four songs by your group would you recommend to someone who has never heard them before?”


This week, Greek musician IDVex tells us what four songs she would suggest to initiate those unfamiliar with her music.

1/2 Southern North is IDVex’s one-woman band. Her music touches on many genres, combining a wide variety of influences such as black metal, doom, drone, ambient, noise, experimental and Avant-Garde. When you listen to it, your mind can’t help but conjure images of the darker side of Greek mythology where the River Styx flows and Hades sits upon his throne.

During the years 2008–2009 IDVex created the “Lothron” band in Florina Greece, with collaboration of other musicians and recorded the two songs: “The Whisper of the Sea” and “ The Resemblance of Inexistence.” Under the lack of band members that project ended.

IDVex started “1/2 Southern North in the winter of 2013. (read: half southern north) in Kalamata, Greece. As a one-person band, IDVex composes the music, plays all of the instruments and sings all the lyrics.

As 1/2 Southern North, IDVex recorded three demos — d.1 , “Noise the Ether John and Lothron from 2013–2014. In 2016 she recorded split albums with E.A.R.S. and S.I.R.S. In 2017, 1/2 Southern North released a full length album entitled Cantible of Hades (Rivers of the Underworld).

IDVex has chosen these four songs for those unfamiliar with her work:

“The Resemblance of Inexistence”

Album: Lothron

Released: 2014 by MercyfulHell Productions (CD/Tape)

“One of the first two songs of Lothron before becoming the one person-band under the name 1/2 Southern North,” IDVex says. “I just like the heavy drums of Nick “Ynge” Samios and the black /doom hue also the lyrics.”

“Ancient Wrangle”

Album: Split album with E.A.R.S

Released: 2016 by Deathforce Aposynthesis Records (CD)

A cooperation of 1/2SN with an experimental noise project from Athens under the name E.A.R.S , experimental composition with synth sounds.

“The Herald of Grief”

Album: Thanatophobia (Split album with S.I.R.S)

Released: 2016 by CVLMINIS Records (CD) and 2018 by Heerwegen Tod Productions (Tape)

“A cooperation of 1/2SN with a dark ambient one man-band from Poland under the name S.I.R.S,” IDVex says. “I like the vocals which declares an upcoming war somewhere in the past, the grief of what is about to be.”

Kokytos (River of Mourn) — Mourn River for Me

Album: Cantabile of Hades (Rivers of the Underworld)

Released: 2017 by CVLMINIS Records (CD)


“The last album 1/2SN released by now,” IDVex said. “It is about one of the five rivers of ancient Greek mythology who drives into the underworld.”

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