Retro-Review: ‘Life on the Ropes’ by Sick of it All

Sick of it All is one of those bands I’ve always known about but never really listened to. You can blame that on a number of factors, but probably the main one is just the lack of availability in my area. You never saw their albums on the music store shelves, heard them on the radio or saw their videos on MTV. Aside from magazines, … Continue reading Retro-Review: ‘Life on the Ropes’ by Sick of it All

Retro-Review: ‘From Beer to Eternity’ by Ministry

What happened to Ministry’s lyrics? That’s what I’m asking myself because I just listened to their 2013 album From Beer to Eternity several times over the last week. At the time of From Beer to Eternity’s release, Al Jourgensen, the founder, heart and soul of the band had declared it to be their last album due to the death of guitarist/bass guitarist Michael Scaccia on … Continue reading Retro-Review: ‘From Beer to Eternity’ by Ministry

Retro-Review: ‘Elements’ by Atheist

It not sure what Atheist was going for with their third album Elements. On one hand, you have death metal pushed to its most technical and avante garde. On the other hand, you have a lot of “what is this even doing on this album?” Elements would be the last album by the band until 2010’s Jupiter. It followed their acclaimed 1991 album Unquestionable Presence, … Continue reading Retro-Review: ‘Elements’ by Atheist

Retro-review: ‘Crimson II’ by Edge of Sanity

Ever since I read the original review for Edge of Sanity’s album Crimson in Metal Maniacs way back in 1996, I’ve always been curious to give the rather epic-sounding single song album a listen. Of course, 22 years later, I have yet to sit down and really listen to Crimson. So, it may sound kind of odd that I’m reviewing Crimson II first. Well, as … Continue reading Retro-review: ‘Crimson II’ by Edge of Sanity

Retro-Review: ‘Transnational Speedway League’ by Clutch

In the world of heavy music, Clutch is an institution all to themselves and Transnational Speedway League: Anthems, Anecdotes and Undeniable Truths is where it all began. Back then, we had not so much a clue that the groovy band with a goofy song and an equally goofy video called “A Shogun Named Marcus” would mark the beginning of a decades-long career or such a … Continue reading Retro-Review: ‘Transnational Speedway League’ by Clutch

Retro-Review: ‘Lead and Aether’ by Skepticism

I wasn’t sure what I was jumping into with Skepticism 1998 album Lead and Aether. I knew it was in a subgenre called “funeral doom.” I understood it was supposed to be slower than doom metal. But damn, is it slow, and damn, is it heavy. If you think doom metal is slow, then you haven’t heard “funeral metal,” which Skepticism is dubbed by many. … Continue reading Retro-Review: ‘Lead and Aether’ by Skepticism

Retro-review: ‘Leprosy’ by Death

Death didn’t take a break following their breakthrough and genre creating album, Scream Bloody Gore. They followed it up with 1988’s Leprosy, an album that’s considered by many to be one of their best. The great thing about Leprosy is that it builds upon the ideas that Schuldiner put to tape on Scream Bloody Gore. Leprosy takes his approach on that album, with tuned down … Continue reading Retro-review: ‘Leprosy’ by Death

Retro-Review: ‘Dig’ by I Mother Earth

I Mother Earth is one of the many bands whose videos were played on MTV’s Headbangers Ball once or twice and then never aired again. At the time, I thought they sounded interesting enough to check out, but I was never motivated to actually go out and hunt the album down.  And, let’s face it, there were higher priorities in regards to hunting music for … Continue reading Retro-Review: ‘Dig’ by I Mother Earth

Retro-Review: ‘Colored Sands’ by Gorguts

Colored Sands by Gorguts is one of those albums I’m kind of reluctant to write about after I reviewed it. Much of that’s going to come down to the fact that critics and fans seemed to love this album. I just don’t hear it and I’m sure someone will tell me why I’m wrong. Musically, there’s nothing wrong with it and all the performers do … Continue reading Retro-Review: ‘Colored Sands’ by Gorguts