Female Friday: ‘Naturaleza Animal’ by Allison

“Naturaleza Animal” is a song by Chilean thrash band Allison. They’ve been around since 1998 and are still active despite their last recorded output, that I could find at least, was a 2010 EP titled “The End of the Fears.” Their most current lineup is Maricela Bruna on vocals and guitar, Natalie Uribe on bass and Loreto Silva on drums and backing vocals. “Naturaleza Animal” is … Continue reading Female Friday: ‘Naturaleza Animal’ by Allison

Tuesday Tune at Noon: ‘Empty Streets’ by In the Woods …

In the Woods … is described as a “psychedelic black metal band” on their Wikipedia entry. Whether I agree with that remains to be seen as they are new to me and I’ve only hear a handful of songs. So far, I’m not sure what separates “psychedelic black metal” from “black metal.” “Empty Streets” is from their upcoming album Cease the Day, which will be … Continue reading Tuesday Tune at Noon: ‘Empty Streets’ by In the Woods …

Sepulchral Sunday: ‘God Machine’ by VV & the Void

VV & the Void are a band that can fit under many different labels: Goth, dark wave or drone. Whatever you want to call them, they strike all the chord that all goth music should. “God Machine” is the video from their first album The Upper Room. It was released earlier this year on Cleopatra Records, which is known for its support of artists on … Continue reading Sepulchral Sunday: ‘God Machine’ by VV & the Void

Female Friday: ‘Tontentanz’ by Aghast

Today we go back into the world of dark ambient music with Norway’s Aghast. It was a two-woman project comprised of Andrea Haugen, aka Nebelhexë, and Tanja Stene aka Nachthexe. “Tontentanz” is probably the oldest song featured on Female Friday so far, going back to 1995. It was featured on Aghast’s one, and only, album Hexerei im Zwielicht der Finsternis. Sometime around the release of the album, Haugen and … Continue reading Female Friday: ‘Tontentanz’ by Aghast

Throwback Thursday: ‘Never’ by Souls at Zero

Souls at Zero was pretty much Wrathchild America under a different name. The name change was apparently driven by the fact they were dropped from their label and that they were adopting a different sound. How different? I really don’t know. I never really had much of opportunity to listen to Wrathchild America before Souls at Zero. From what I hear, the biggest change is … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: ‘Never’ by Souls at Zero

Retro-Review: ‘Diabolical Summoning’ by Sinister

I have to admit, I’ve been looking forward to reviewing Sinister’s Diabolical Summoning all year. Back in the day of metal magazines, particularly Metal Maniacs for me, you’d see a lot of music labels buy full-page advertisements for the many, many albums they were releasing. Diabolical Summoning was among these. I didn’t know anything about Sinister aside from them probably being a death metal band. … Continue reading Retro-Review: ‘Diabolical Summoning’ by Sinister

Female Friday: ‘Élixir’ by Aenygmist

We’re back to the darker side of the metal spectrum this week with Quebec’s Aenygmist. Although they don’t hail from one of the Scandinavian countries, you’d be none the wiser as these Canadians fit right in. They’ve got the symphonic arrangements, the mix of shreiks and clean singing, and the Pagan angst that’s a must for any black metal band worth its salt. Aenygmist recorded … Continue reading Female Friday: ‘Élixir’ by Aenygmist

Female Friday: ‘ Night Witches’ by Aella

Honestly, I’m not sure if “Night Witches” by Russian band Aella is actually the name of the song. I just copied and pasted “Ночные ведьмы – летчицам Великой Отечественной посвящается” into Google Translate and got “Night Witches-Dedicated to Pilots of the Great Patriotic War.” “The Great Patriotic War” was the Soviet Union’s term to describe the conflict fought along the many fronts of the Eastern … Continue reading Female Friday: ‘ Night Witches’ by Aella

Tuesday Tune at Noon: ‘Hunt for White Christ’ by Unleashed

Yeah, I know, another lyric video. I’m not a fan of the format, but when you have a song like “The Hunt for White Christ” by Unleashed, you can make an exception. I must’ve been really out of the loop, because the albums by old-school death metal bands are sounding awesome. “Sound” as in production wise. Unleashed’s sound is damn near perfect here, with deep … Continue reading Tuesday Tune at Noon: ‘Hunt for White Christ’ by Unleashed