Retro-Review: ‘Refuge Denied’ by Sanctuary

Sanctuary is probably best remembered as the band that Warrel Dane and Jim Sheppard were in before they founded Nevermore. There’s a world of difference between the two bands, which is obvious when one listens to Refuge Denied, Sanctuary’s 1988 debut album. Whereas Nevermore bordered on the verge of doom metal with its gut wrenching power hits, Sanctuary is pretty much straight-forward thrash. Sanctuary are … Continue reading Retro-Review: ‘Refuge Denied’ by Sanctuary

Retro-review: ‘Leprosy’ by Death

Death didn’t take a break following their breakthrough and genre creating album, Scream Bloody Gore. They followed it up with 1988’s Leprosy, an album that’s considered by many to be one of their best. The great thing about Leprosy is that it builds upon the ideas that Schuldiner put to tape on Scream Bloody Gore. Leprosy takes his approach on that album, with tuned down … Continue reading Retro-review: ‘Leprosy’ by Death

Retro-review: ‘Punishment for Decadence’ by Coroner

Coroner never got as much attention as they should have back in the day when thrash metal was on the rise. Well, at least not in the U.S. The Swiss trio put out some great music, combining the influence of classical, jazz and avant-garde music with the aggression of metal, putting out a complex strain of music that you could say was progressive for the … Continue reading Retro-review: ‘Punishment for Decadence’ by Coroner

Front Line Assembly searches for identity on ‘State of Mind’

Front Line Assembly has always hovered near the top of the industrial music genre. For some reason, they’ve never broken through to mainstream consciousness like their contemporaries like Ministry and Skinny Puppy and I’m not sure why. They’re not as abrasive as Skinny Puppy and not as metal as Ministry, falling into a niche that is more accessible sounding but also keeps that sharp industrial … Continue reading Front Line Assembly searches for identity on ‘State of Mind’