Retro-Review: ‘Calling Ov the Dead’ by Velvet Acid Christ

Man, if there’s one artist I’d call a master of electronic music, it would be Bryan Erickson, the one-man band otherwise known as Velvet Acid Christ. Velvet Acid Christ has nailed a formula that has allowed for the production of songs that are memorable, have emotional impact and experimental all at the same time. Erickson’s output is so consistent as far as quality, one has … Continue reading Retro-Review: ‘Calling Ov the Dead’ by Velvet Acid Christ

Retro-Review: ‘Lead and Aether’ by Skepticism

I wasn’t sure what I was jumping into with Skepticism 1998 album Lead and Aether. I knew it was in a subgenre called “funeral doom.” I understood it was supposed to be slower than doom metal. But damn, is it slow, and damn, is it heavy. If you think doom metal is slow, then you haven’t heard “funeral metal,” which Skepticism is dubbed by many. … Continue reading Retro-Review: ‘Lead and Aether’ by Skepticism

Retro-review: ‘Obsolete’ by Fear Factory

Obsolete is admittedly the first album I bought by Fear Factory. I was kind of late when it came to finding out what they were about. I was aware of their existence and their popularity, but the stars were never aligned for me to pick up any of their albums until the internet became a thing. Obsolete wasn’t in my hands until the early 2000s, … Continue reading Retro-review: ‘Obsolete’ by Fear Factory

Retro-review: ‘Volume 8: The Threat is Real’ by Anthrax

You can read a lot into the title of Anthrax’s 1998 album Volume 8: The Threat is Real. What could it have meant? Were they talking about the monster depicted destroying a city on the front of the album? Were they talking about some sort of generic threat of society on the individual? Could they have been talking about their own existence as a band? … Continue reading Retro-review: ‘Volume 8: The Threat is Real’ by Anthrax

Retro-review: ‘Obscura’ by Gorguts

In the world of rock music, there are albums and there are milestones. Obscura by Canada’s Gorguts is one of the latter. Released in 1998, Obscura may have not flipped the death metal world on its head, but it definitely showcased what could be done with a genre that had been in decline for half a decade, coinciding with the release of their 1993 album … Continue reading Retro-review: ‘Obscura’ by Gorguts