Female Friday: ‘Tontentanz’ by Aghast

Today we go back into the world of dark ambient music with Norway’s Aghast. It was a two-woman project comprised of Andrea Haugen, aka Nebelhexë, and Tanja Stene aka Nachthexe. “Tontentanz” is probably the oldest song featured on Female Friday so far, going back to 1995. It was featured on Aghast’s one, and only, album Hexerei im Zwielicht der Finsternis. Sometime around the release of the album, Haugen and … Continue reading Female Friday: ‘Tontentanz’ by Aghast

Retro-Review: ‘Dreamt about Dreaming’ by Lull

Mick Harris was a busy guy in the early 90s. Not only did he perform one last album with Napalm Death, but he also went on to found a new musical project in Scorn. At the same time that he was working on Scorn, he also had another project, the dark ambient sound-making machine known as Lull. That’s right, ambient music. Almost a different planet … Continue reading Retro-Review: ‘Dreamt about Dreaming’ by Lull