Tuesday Tune at Noon: ‘Kill to Kill’ by Necro

Necro are a death metal band from a small country with a big sound. Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Necro have been around since 1995. Their first concert, which was held in a bar, was a tribute to Metallica.  More than 20 years later, they’ve continued to move forward, and from what I hear in “Kill to Kill,” they’ve been busy making their sound better … Continue reading Tuesday Tune at Noon: ‘Kill to Kill’ by Necro

Tuesday Tune at Noon: ‘Vultures Don’t Die’ by Overthrust

Overthrust are probably the best known death metal band in Africa. Upon listening to “Vultures Don’t Die,” you’ll find their growing fame is well deserved. The band from Botswana are giants in the African metal scene for a good reason, they produce quality tunes. It’s from their 2015 self-released album Desecrated Deeds to Decease. They’ve already seen their fandom spread into Europe and we can … Continue reading Tuesday Tune at Noon: ‘Vultures Don’t Die’ by Overthrust

Retro-Review: ‘Diabolical Summoning’ by Sinister

I have to admit, I’ve been looking forward to reviewing Sinister’s Diabolical Summoning all year. Back in the day of metal magazines, particularly Metal Maniacs for me, you’d see a lot of music labels buy full-page advertisements for the many, many albums they were releasing. Diabolical Summoning was among these. I didn’t know anything about Sinister aside from them probably being a death metal band. … Continue reading Retro-Review: ‘Diabolical Summoning’ by Sinister

Tuesday Tune at Noon: ‘Hunt for White Christ’ by Unleashed

Yeah, I know, another lyric video. I’m not a fan of the format, but when you have a song like “The Hunt for White Christ” by Unleashed, you can make an exception. I must’ve been really out of the loop, because the albums by old-school death metal bands are sounding awesome. “Sound” as in production wise. Unleashed’s sound is damn near perfect here, with deep … Continue reading Tuesday Tune at Noon: ‘Hunt for White Christ’ by Unleashed

Female Friday: ‘Coward’ by Aborn

Man, if “Coward” is indicative of what to expect of Brazil’s Aborn, then count me as someone who wants to hear more. The song is ferocious and you’re going to want to hear it again on the first listen. The São Paulo band is made up of Isabela Moraes on drums, Tamy Leopoldo on bass, Taty Kanazawa on vocals and guitar and Beatriz Paiva on … Continue reading Female Friday: ‘Coward’ by Aborn

Retro-Review: ‘Heartwork’ by Carcass

Carcass made a sharp, piercing statement in 1993 with Heartwork. The early 1990s was the time when death metal was coming to its own and several bands were breaking away from what was then a very, very large pack. Carcass is one of the bands from that period who managed to create a sound that was theirs and theirs only. Sure, Carcass had already carved … Continue reading Retro-Review: ‘Heartwork’ by Carcass

Retro-Review: ‘Wolverine Blues’ by Entombed

Wolverine Blues. What can you say? This album by Entombed created the “death ‘n’ roll” genre. Not a lot of bands can claim they created a genre aside from Black Sabbath, Venom or Death among an elite few. I remember the first reviews of this album, among them being the one featured in Metal Maniacs, proclaiming it to be the next Reign in Blood. Now, … Continue reading Retro-Review: ‘Wolverine Blues’ by Entombed

Retro-Review: ‘Infierno De Dante’ by Transmetal

If I didn’t know that the 1993 album Infierno De Dante (Dante’s Inferno) by Transmetal was produced by the legendary Scott Burns, I probably would never had bothered to listen. After all, when I hear a name like “Transmetal” an image of a hairband trying to pass itself off as “progressive metal” comes to mind. Well, Transmetal definitely ain’t hair metal. Transmetal are instead a brutal … Continue reading Retro-Review: ‘Infierno De Dante’ by Transmetal

Retro-Review: ‘Transcendence Into the Peripheral’ by diSEMBOWELMENT

Transcendence into the Peripheral by diSEMBOWELMENT is a strange album and kind of a challenge to review. Seriously, what am I supposed to call their style? It’s not quite death metal. Not quite doom. Not quite grind. They’re closest to the funeral-doom of Skepticism, but that doesn’t feel quite right either. Instead, it sounds like this nebulous entity that exists outside of classification, waiting to … Continue reading Retro-Review: ‘Transcendence Into the Peripheral’ by diSEMBOWELMENT