Female Friday: ‘In My Hands’ by Amathyst

Amathyst were one of the bands that could be described as part of the Nu Metal scene that was big in the aughts. The Australian band shared many similarities to Linkin Park, particularly its use of two primary vocalists, with one handling the typical metal vocalist role and one handling the rapping vocals. Like most Nu Metal bands, they mixed a variety of metal influences … Continue reading Female Friday: ‘In My Hands’ by Amathyst

Female Friday: ‘Naturaleza Animal’ by Allison

“Naturaleza Animal” is a song by Chilean thrash band Allison. They’ve been around since 1998 and are still active despite their last recorded output, that I could find at least, was a 2010 EP titled “The End of the Fears.” Their most current lineup is Maricela Bruna on vocals and guitar, Natalie Uribe on bass and Loreto Silva on drums and backing vocals. “Naturaleza Animal” is … Continue reading Female Friday: ‘Naturaleza Animal’ by Allison

Female Friday: ‘Tontentanz’ by Aghast

Today we go back into the world of dark ambient music with Norway’s Aghast. It was a two-woman project comprised of Andrea Haugen, aka Nebelhexë, and Tanja Stene aka Nachthexe. “Tontentanz” is probably the oldest song featured on Female Friday so far, going back to 1995. It was featured on Aghast’s one, and only, album Hexerei im Zwielicht der Finsternis. Sometime around the release of the album, Haugen and … Continue reading Female Friday: ‘Tontentanz’ by Aghast

Female Friday: ‘Last Chance’ by A Lovely Day for Bloodshed

Don’t let the name of A Lovely Day for Bloodshed vocalist Brootal Bananas fool you, she has a monstrous voice that will squish your eardrums like you’re stomping on the yellow fruit. Today is Friday and California-based A Lovely Day For Bloodshed is today’s all-woman band. I picked their song “Last Chance” for both its brutality and its creativity. Aside from Bananas A Lovely Day … Continue reading Female Friday: ‘Last Chance’ by A Lovely Day for Bloodshed