Retro-review: ‘Obsolete’ by Fear Factory

Obsolete is admittedly the first album I bought by Fear Factory. I was kind of late when it came to finding out what they were about. I was aware of their existence and their popularity, but the stars were never aligned for me to pick up any of their albums until the internet became a thing. Obsolete wasn’t in my hands until the early 2000s, … Continue reading Retro-review: ‘Obsolete’ by Fear Factory

Godflesh’s ‘Pure’ is still 1992’s heaviest album

Godflesh’s 1992 album Pure is probably the first album that I bought based on reviews alone. Pure is the sophomore outing by the band, fronted by ex-Napalm Death guitarist Justin Broadrick. Broadrick, who also played guitar on this album, was joined by G.C. Green on bass and Paul Neville, who also played guitar. Unlike many metal bands at the time, machines handled the drumming. Sometime … Continue reading Godflesh’s ‘Pure’ is still 1992’s heaviest album

Skrew debut album broke no new ground

Back in the early 1990s, there were a lot of bands I wanted to check out. Due to my rather rural location and the fact that online music didn’t exist yet, I wound up missing out on a lot. A quarter-century later, I’m finally getting the chance go back and check some of what I missed out on out, thanks mainly to YouTube and other … Continue reading Skrew debut album broke no new ground

Album anniversary: Godflesh ‘Pure’

Because this blog didn’t start until May 2017, I didn’t get an opportunity to mark the 25th anniversary of Godflesh’s album Pure. With Oct. 13 marking 25.5 years since it’s release, I figured I would write a little something. This was one of the first albums that I possessed that my friends found scary. The last track, “Pure II,” had them convinced that Godflesh were … Continue reading Album anniversary: Godflesh ‘Pure’