Tuesday Tune at Noon: ‘Standardization’ by Napalm Death

Napalm Death are an institution to themselves. Unlike many bands, they’ve carried on years after all of the original members left. Starting as an extreme punk band and evolving into a brutal grindcore band, they’ve carved themselves an identity that’s totally unique to them. “Standardization” from their 2018 album Coded Smears And More Uncommon Slurs, which is a compilation of tracks from sessions from previous albums. … Continue reading Tuesday Tune at Noon: ‘Standardization’ by Napalm Death

Retro-Review: ‘Dreamt about Dreaming’ by Lull

Mick Harris was a busy guy in the early 90s. Not only did he perform one last album with Napalm Death, but he also went on to found a new musical project in Scorn. At the same time that he was working on Scorn, he also had another project, the dark ambient sound-making machine known as Lull. That’s right, ambient music. Almost a different planet … Continue reading Retro-Review: ‘Dreamt about Dreaming’ by Lull

Scorn album ‘Vae Solis’ sounds very familiar

 You’d think a reunion of the lineup that recorded side A of Napalm Death’s breakthrough album, 1987’s Scum, would reignite a fuse on a barrel of TNT. Well, you’d be wrong. Sure, Scorn’s 1992 debut album Vae Solis leaves an impression. But that impression is largely “man, this sure sounds like Godflesh.” Officially, the only two members of Scorn on Vae Solis are Scum drummer … Continue reading Scorn album ‘Vae Solis’ sounds very familiar

Napalm Death’s ‘Scum’ elevated grindcore

Napalm Death’s 1987 album Scum is an interesting album. It’s not only interesting for its music, but also the story of its recording. You see, Scum is essentially two albums in a 28-song 33-minute long package. You heard me right. Twenty-eight songs, 33 minutes. The average song on this album is quite short, with most falling in a range of being 30 seconds to one … Continue reading Napalm Death’s ‘Scum’ elevated grindcore

‘Utopia Banished’ cemented Napalm Death as a metal band

When I first heard of Napalm Death, I had only been exploring the depths of the metal genre for less than a year. I had become familiar with thrash, death and industrial metal (we loved labels back then) but had yet to hear grindcore outside of a Brutal Truth song on a Rock Hard death metal compilation. Anyway, I was in high school and a … Continue reading ‘Utopia Banished’ cemented Napalm Death as a metal band